Going To Church With Creedence

Waiting for Netto last night and passing the time with Sirius/XM Deep Tracks which was on a live tracks orgy. The last song of the set was the old Creedence Clearwater Revival set-ender rave-up, “Keep On Chooglin’.” I first heard this track in 1969 when I bought “Bayou Country.” I thought it was okay. Moved right along. Basically one chord. Okay.

Well. I think this concert was recorded at the Fillmore, and we should recall that Creedence was a Bay Area band playing in the same league and at the same venues as Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother, Quicksilver and all the rest. Gotta be able to get all those hippies dancing. Let it simply be said that this rendition of Keep On Chooglin’ is perhaps the greatest single live track I’ve heard in a very long time. That sucker MOVES. I am certain everybody was dancing as hard as they could. The interplay between the musicians and the crowd is the one thing studio records cannot capture. This crowd at this concert wanted to fly, and Creedence wanted to fly them. Magic ensues.

I don’t go to church these days, but I had one hell of a spiritual experience last night .

You want to find the truth in life, don’t pass music by.



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